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Chinese Resources
A good place to find information about books, movies and music.
Free download of Chinese input software
Chinese to Chinese and Chinese<=>English online dictionary
Major Chinese portal for t.v. programs, movies and more.
Database for modern Chinese literature in English
Collection of databases related to ancient Chinese literature, history and more.

Japanese Resources

Byki Express

The application has audio recordings along with flashcards, which is really nice when you're first learning Japanese. There is a free download version as well as a paid version.

Complete Guide to Japanese

This is useful resource for vocabulary acquisition and grammar.


This is another resource that has a good selection of vocab flashcards created by its userbase


Japanese to English Dictionary

Started as a project at a university. The Japanese to English is the specialty of the dictionary.

Denshi Jisho

Mobile Apps

Android users:

The best smartphone tools for learning Japanese are probably:

Both of these applications can be used without an internet connection, so they are particularly useful for students going JYA who don't want to buy Denshi Jisho.

Apple/IOS Apps:

Midori (Japanese Dictionary)
Offers offline dictionaries, and can be used for lots of specialty terms like Kanji readings within names.